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Mahurangi  Community Policing Centre

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Mahurangi Community Policing Centre

{at Snells Beach} telephone 09 425 6608

This is manned by Neighbourhood Support volunteers from 10am to 2pm, Monday to Friday. Recent events in South Auckland have forced us to remain behind locked doors, however if you phone ahead 09 425 6608, stating your name and concern, we can admit you. Or if you are known to the volunteer they may let you in. The Warkworth Police are very supportive of NS, and we have regular contact. We remain available for reports of Lost and Found, and for advice. The station remains functioning as it is also listed as the Neighbourhood Support office for Rodney where all the NS packs are made up. For Police matters, or to discuss any concerns you may have, phone 09 425 6608 If the station is not manned, the call is automatically transferred to Warkworth Police. After 4pm this call will be then be transferred to the Henderson Centre. Request an incident number for ease of follow-up. If you consider the situation to be serious and needs immediate attention, DIAL 111 This includes seeing an intruder on your property


It is essential to report these; please use the crime reporting line

0800 115 019 .

They will take down details from you, and issue you an incident number. Please follow up with the local station so we can alert others. 0800 115 019 is the crime reporting line. They will take down details from you, and issue you an incident number. Follow up with the local station so we can alert others. Call 111 for an intruder on your property at the time, or if life or property are in danger. *555 via mobile for traffic problems.

Senior Constable Hamish Buick is our Mahurangi Policing Centre Officer in charge Any suspicious activity should be reported as above and also for his attention via the Warkworth police station 09 425 8109. Your report could help with the investigations into any other crimes that might have been committed in the area. At no time, put yourself at risk. We want Snells Beach to be a crime-free area. Keep safe and keep in touch.

Please also see Warkworth Police

the desk

Lost Property

In addition to the role of recording and monitoring reported incidents the police station is the recipient of a considerable number of lost property items. These typically include :

  • Spectacles
  • Car keys
  • Wallets with contents
  • House keys
  • Suit cases
  • Clothing
  • Bicycles
  • Scooters
  • Push Chairs

Valuable items are sent to Warkworth Police Station. Other items are kept at Snells Beach for 3 months and then disposed of. Bring your found pieces in and collect your lost belongings between 1000 and 1400 hours Mondays to Fridays .  







Please also see Neighbourhood Support